Hard Cases

Balalaika hard wood case.

I’m build this case from noble woods (in this case a type of African Oak), meets all safety standards, he protected the ingress of moisture, dust, etc. Sealed. Durable. Reliable and guaranteed protection for your balalaika. If necessary, can be equipped with hygrometer, a system of maintaining the required moisture and other options (price not included).  Available for order.

case1 case2 case3 case4

case5 case6 case7 case8

case9 case10 case11 case12


Dulcimer hard wood case

Ideal for bowed dulcimer or similar. Dust, moisture-proof.

d_case_01 d_case_02 d_case_03 d_case_04



Domra hard wood case

Great case for a great tool.
Moisture or dust does not get inside.
Your domra will be completely safe.

D_case _01 D_case _02 D_case _03 D_case _04

================================                                                                                 Kazakh Dombra hard case                                                                                                    (or similar, replacement instrument)

Hard case for storage and transportation Kazakh Dombra
This case made ​​of plywood, covered with artificial leather. It is durable, reliable and easy at the same time. Not sealed. Made manufacturer in Almaty. Available for order.

dombra_case4 dombra_case1 dombra_case2 dombra_case3


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