Russian seven-string guitar. Authentic


Authentic Russian seven-string guitar.  Made of traditional wood for guitars of this type.
Neck on one the bolt, scale length – 650 mm, 24 frets …
Soundboard – Spruce, Back and Sides – Curly Maple, Neck – Rock Maple…                    Shellac/frenchpolish finish .  

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Available for order.


Similar guitar was made a few years ago. All the material, wood and  components is high grade and excellent quality. Specification below ….


Specification:                                                                                                                                    Back and Sides – Curly Maple, old-growth, 15 years of natural drying.                  Soundboard – German SpruceNeck – Curly Maple
Fingerboard – West African Ebony
Finish – brown shellac, blonde shellac, Oil.



This guitar you can see and listen on this video:


  Elite guitar for a great guitarist!

authentic-guitar10 authentic-guitar11 authentic-guitar12 authentic-guitar13Specification:

B&S – Macassar Ebony
Soundboard – German Spruce, AAA grade
Neck – Mahogany
Headplate – Macassar Ebony
Fingerboard – West African Ebony
Bridge – E.I. Rosewood
Finishes for:
Neck – danish oil, tung oil (applied a special technology)
Headplate – tung oil, wax
Bridge – danish oil, tung oil (applied a special technology)
B&S, Soundboard – Shellac, French polishing

authentic-guitar14 authentic-guitar15 authentic-guitar16 authentic-guitar17

This guitar has gone into Australia……….  Read more –  here


You can order or buy an authentic Russian 7 – string guitar.                                     Manufacturing period 1.5 – 2.5 months.

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