Russian 7-string guitar. “Oldest”


Originally this guitar was designed as an experimental model.
But during construction, I used some design solutions that add good quality for guitar sound …



Back and Sides — Indonesian Macassar Ebony.
Soundboard — Curly Redwood.
Neck — Genuine Mahogany.
Headplate — Waterfall Bubinga.
Fingerboard — African Ebony.
Binding — Bloodwood
Kerfed linings — Reverse Mahogany.
Bridge — Indonesian Macassar Ebony.
Tuners — Grover, 18:1.
Strings — Elixir.

There was a video of this guitar, Vladimir Markushevich played “What are you poor branch”, of A. Sykhra …                                                                                                             (During transcoding video was a bit spoiled by the sound, but you can still hear)

Those interested can order the Russian seven-string guitar, a steel string or nylon. There is also a large selection of wood for the construction of Russian seven-string guitars, including the one that is presented and in the specifications for this guitar.


Russian seven-string guitar (model “Oldest”)

This guitar was completed in February 2013.
The main goal is to get a guitar with a detailed loud sound throughout the range, with long sustain, with a beautiful tone …
So. This guitar has a very long sustain, detailed sound, quite loud, beautiful “delicious” timbre.  It’s just a curvy babe with amazing voice …. this is a unique instance of.
This guitar will be a faithful companion for your creative way.

7stringsguitar_27 7stringsguitar_25 7stringsguitar_30 7stringsguitar_23

I give a lifetime warranty for this guitar, and for all other my instruments, as long as I live and work as a luthier ..
Worldwide shipping,  contact me for details.

7stringsguitar_28 7stringsguitar_26 7stringsguitar_24 7stringsguitar_22

Spec -
B&S – Curly Myrtlewood
Soundboard – Curly Port Orford Cedar, Old Growth (very rare wood)
Neck – Wild African Olive (hardness close to ebony)
Headplate – Brazilian Rosewood
Fingerboard – Macassar Ebony
Tuning Machines – Grover
Finishes for:
Neck, Headplate – Tru Oil
Top, B&S – Shellac, Frenchpolish

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