Concert Balalaika “Prima”

Russian balalaika – this is a very interesting instrument that embodies the Russian culture. This is very popular in Russia and also in the world.
The balalaika can easily learn to play. This requires only a balalaika and a little patience …
The photo below is of a high standard concert balalaika “Prima”
(great loud sound, beautiful tone, good sustain (pedal)

balalaika 1 balalaika 2 balalaika 3 balalaika 4Specification:

Ribs – Rock Maple, birdseye figure
Soundboard – German Spruce, AAA grade
Neck – Black African Ebony
Scratchplate – E.I. Rosewood
Fingerboard – West African Ebony
Bridge – E.I. Rosewood, Bloodwood

Finishes for:                                                                                                                                       Ribs (body), Soundboard – Shellac, French polishing                                                                       Neck – danish oil, tung oil (applied a special technology)                                                  Bridge – oil (applied a special technology)

balalaika 5 balalaika 6 balalaika 7 balalaika 8

Available for order. Worldwide shipping.
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(also available for order  good standard for beginners)