Russian 7-string guitar. “Oldest”


This exceptional instrument boasts outstanding sound qualities that have garnered high praise from esteemed individuals who have tested it. Its smooth and balanced sound resonates throughout the entire range, with no hint of “deaf” notes or dead zones. The guitar is highly responsive, effortlessly translating the performer’s intentions into rich, delightful sounds. The timbre is truly exquisite.

In terms of dynamics, the guitar exhibits a seamless transition between notes, striking a harmonious balance between the upper and lower registers. The bass notes are pleasantly calm yet possess remarkable potential. The trebles, on the other hand, possess a beautiful, melodious quality without any hint of hysteria.

The sound of this guitar is remarkably detailed, allowing every note and consonance to be distinctly heard, even within intricate chord progressions. It possesses a certain captivating quality that draws in the listener’s ear.

This particular guitar was completed at the end of 2018 and currently resides in Russia, enchanting musicians and enthusiasts alike with its remarkable qualities.

Originally this guitar was designed as an experimental model.
But during construction, I used some design solutions that add good quality for guitar sound …



Back and Sides — Indonesian Macassar Ebony.
Soundboard — Curly Redwood.
Neck — Genuine Mahogany.
Headplate — Waterfall Bubinga.
Fingerboard — African Ebony.
Binding — Bloodwood
Kerfed linings — Reverse Mahogany.
Bridge — Indonesian Macassar Ebony.
Tuners — Grover, 18:1.
Strings — Elixir.

Here is a video recording featuring the talented Volodya Markushevich performing the soulful composition “What are you, a poor tree branch”. Unfortunately, during the transcoding process, the sound quality suffered some damage. Nonetheless, you can still enjoy and appreciate the remaining audio.

Those interested can order the Russian seven-string guitar, a steel string or nylon. There is also a large selection of wood for the construction of Russian seven-string guitars, including the one that is presented and in the specifications for this guitar.

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Russian 7th string guitar (model “Oldest”)

Excellent instrument with excellent sound qualities.
After testing, received high marks from reputable people.
Smooth balanced sound throughout the range.
“Deaf” notes (dead zones) are completely absent, not even hints.
The guitar is very responsive, very obedient for the performer, easy gives the sound. Delicious timbre.
Smooth in dynamics, upper middle in good balance with lower.
Bass moderately calm, but with good potential.
The trebles are beautiful, melodious, not hysterical.
The sound is quite detailed, in the chords no porridge is observed everything is heard, every note, every consonance.
Has something that attracts hearing ..
The guitar was completed at the end of 2018, now “living” in Russia.

Back and sides – Indian Rosewood
Soundboard – Sinker Redwood (about 1000 – 2000+ years old)
Neck – Kaya (Af. Mahogany)
Fretboard – Af. Ebony
Finishing – Shellac.

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Parlor Guitar  (Russian 7th string, model “Oldest”)

This is a small guitar built on the basis of the model “Oldest”.
It can be called a Parlor guitar, Tertz guitar, 3/4, etc.
Despite its small size, the guitar has impressive sound qualities.
And her delicate, memorable timbre is actually fascinating with its magic ..
This instument does not want to let go you. Very responsive guitar.
Convenient, comfortable to play on it.
It was well tested in the standard “Russian” tuning, tertz, and
also with nylon strings and steel strings. Everywhere were pretty good performance.

Back & sides – European Curly maple.
Soundboard – Engelman Spruce.
Neck – South American Achihua.
Fingerboard – Af. Ebony
Shellac Finish.

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Russian seven-string guitar (model “Oldest”)

This guitar was completed in February 2013.
The main goal is to get a guitar with a detailed loud sound throughout the range, with long sustain, with a beautiful tone …
So. This guitar has a very long sustain, detailed sound, quite loud, beautiful “delicious” timbre.  It’s just a curvy babe with amazing voice …. this is a unique instance of.
This guitar will be a faithful companion for your creative way.

7stringsguitar_27 7stringsguitar_25 7stringsguitar_30 7stringsguitar_23

I give a lifetime warranty for this guitar, and for all other my instruments, as long as I live and work as a luthier ..
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7stringsguitar_28 7stringsguitar_26 7stringsguitar_24 7stringsguitar_22

Spec –
B&S – Curly Myrtlewood
Soundboard – Curly Port Orford Cedar, Old Growth (very rare wood)
Neck – Wild African Olive (hardness close to ebony)
Headplate – Brazilian Rosewood
Fingerboard – Macassar Ebony
Tuning Machines – Grover
Finishes for:
Neck, Headplate – Tru Oil
Top, B&S – Shellac, Frenchpolish

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