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Here you can see some of my work executed at different times, as well as learn other interesting information about the guitar, lute, archlute..                                                         also folk instruments – russian domra, balalaika, kazakh dombra, dulcimer…

Mostly I’m focused on providing you with a high-quality handmade authentic             Russian  7-string guitar,  Classical Spanish guitar, Balalaika, Kazakh Dombra.
But also available to order other instruments – Russian Domra, Lute, Archlute…

Check back later for new updates to my website, photo’s and any current builds.

Those wishing to order a guitar, lute, folk instruments or to ask any question – can contact me via the form “Contact”


NEW –  

Do not miss the new – Parlor Guitar (Russian 7th string)                                                         Do not miss the new – Russian seven-string guitar Updated   for video                     Do not miss the new – “Kazakh Dombra” (Concert model)  “FOR SALE”                    Do not miss the new –  “Balalaika Prima”   “FOR SALE”                                                Do not miss the new – Bowed dulcimer is Updated   for video                                                 Do not miss the new –  “Kazakh Dombra”  Model – Silver Dombra                                     Do not miss the new – “F – Style Guitar”                                                                                 


                                                          Attention!   Achtung!

My schedule is full – orders for the instruments are not accepted  until  February 2023.         If you wants to order a guitar etc. contact me.
I will include you in a schedule for  February 2023.                              

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