Kazakh Dombra (Concert model)  FOR SALE

Excellent dombra and an econom price!
This baby has a beautiful voice, excellent balanced sound,
traditional low and dynamic color of timbre.
It’s a trance instrument. When you start playing,
you do not want to release this dombra from your hands… ))

Soundboard: Tien-Shan (blue) Spruce.
Body: Wildwood birch (domestic wood).
Finish: Shellac, oil.

Hard case not included. If it is necessary, then let me know.
Worldwide shipping.
For price, audio/video and more information please contact me.


Kazakh Dombra (Concert model) SOLD OUT …

Soundboard (kakpak) – Tien-Shan (blue) Spruce. Body (shanak) is a very resonant domestic wood. Intarsia is made with valuable wood species. Finish – Shellac.        Excellent balanced sound, traditional and dynamic color of timbre.                                  Good dombra and an econom price!

dombyra_c1 dombyra_c2 dombyra_c3 dombyra_c4

Hard case not included. If it is necessary, then let me know.
Worldwide shipping.
For price and more information please contact me.

Demo audio: 19th century kuy  


Kazakh Dombra (Concert model)     SOLD OUT …

Great sound and wonderful timbre!
This instrument has a trance voice … and a therapeutic effect.
Body: Black Walnut (about 60 years of air drying).
Soundboard: POC, German Spruce.
Shellac finish body, oil for soundboard finish.
Natural abalone inlay.

dombyra_walnut_01 dombyra_walnut_02 dombyra_walnut_03 dombyra_walnut_04


Kazakh Dombra (Concert model)  SOLD OUT …

The body and neck is a local resonant wood (Kazakhstan Blackwood),                                with beautiful texture.
Soundboard – Blue (Tien-Shan) Mountain Spruce, very high grade.
It has been harvested on the Almaty slope of the Tien-Shan.
12 – 15 years ago. Natural drying.                                                                                               Finish – TruOil.  Mother of pearl inlay.                                                                                      Great timbre and sound.  Worldwide shipping.

Blue_spruce_dombyra1 Blue_spruce_dombyra2 Blue_spruce_dombyra3 Blue_spruce_dombyra4 Blue_spruce_dombyra5 Blue_spruce_dombyra6 dombyra_hard_case1 dombyra_hard_case2


Kazakh Dombra (Concert model) ….   SOLD OUT …

Excellent Mountain Spruce top, traditional (domestic) great wood for body and neck.
Shellac, Oil finish.   Worldwide shipping.
For price and more information  please contact me.

kazakh dombra 001 kazakh dombra 002 kazakh dombra 003 kazakh dombra 004

 Demo audio –

Real sound. Not any processings, compression, EQ, etc.
Microphone: ZOOM H2n


Kazakh Dombra  (Concert model)   SOLD OUT………

Excellent Mountain Spruce Top, Pearl Golden Oak body. Below is a demo video clip sound, and more photos.

11 12 13 22


Kazakh Dombra. (Model Kyzyl Dombra – Red Dombra)     –       SOLD OUT…………

dombyra_1 dombyra_2 dombyra_3 dombyra_4

Sound – clean, detailed, open … Instument pretty responsive,has a large palette of colors, with a beautiful and distinctive timbre …                                                                                   Body (Shanak) is made of Mahogany wood family , with curly texture.                Soundboard, top (kakpak) – a very rare redwood, which has an age of about 2000 years…  Shellac finish. Intarsia – precious woods.                                                                            Dombra equipped with great noiseless sensor pickup that accurately transmit the sound.

dombyra_5 dombyra_6 dombyra_7 dombyra_8